Advisory Board Member for CIO Today Magazine

I am very proud to have been appointed an Advisory Board Member for CIO Today Magazine and am looking forward to working with Michael and the rest of the advisory board – link to the site here.

CIO Today Mag Cover

The CIO Today UK Magazine Advisory Board is a group of volunteers whose duties are to informally advise the Editor-in-Chief (who is chair of the Advisory Board) on the editorial direction and pacing of the magazine, promote the magazine, develop themes and suggest content for each publication.
The duties of the advisory board include: Providing ideas for potential articles in the publication, acting as background sources for information, discussing industry issues, contributing articles for publication, attending virtual editorial advisory board meetings (via a private forum), acting as sources for direct quotes or indirect quotes in articles, promoting publication to readers, choosing winners of awards contests, answering questions from readers, discussing readership studies, nominating candidates for awards, discussing marketing of publication, giving interviews to promote publication, and speaking at conferences/seminars.


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