IBM Event – The Future of Software Innovation?







The Future of Software Innovation?

Something for all you software and systems professionals out there: Innovate, IBM’s flagship event based on the topic of software innovation, is taking place next week on the 11th and 12th October (Tuesday and Wednesday) in London.

Over two days, with sessions focusing on software, systems, security and other key areas; the event is an opportunity for those interested in software innovation to really gain some valuable insights into the future of IT, and for the industry as a whole to engage in some interesting discussions on where the future lies.

Click here for a detailed agenda, including a timetable, session abstracts and information on key speakers.

Day 1 is being held at the Grange St Paul’s in London ( and will feature a wide range of guest lectures from leading voices within the organisation and around the industry.  The objective of the first day is to share and discuss ideas that inspire and fuel software innovation. A second day of workshops on-site with IBM at their Bedfont Lakes and Southbank offices, will offer hands on experience with IBM product experts.

Registration is free, and those wishing to attend can do so for either one or both days.

Here’s a link to the registration page where you can sign-up for the event and find more detailed information:




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